20 Simple Tips to Flatter Wide Hips or Pear Shaped Body Type

20 Simple Tips to Flatter Wide Hips or Pear Shaped Body Type

Most women have something about their bodies they would like to change.  I hear it all the time ” I hate my hips“.  Instead of letting what you don’t like get you down, let’s try using a few simple fashion tips to flatter what you do have and help you to love getting dressed.  Here are 20 simple fashion tips to flatter wide hips or the pear shaped body type:


1.  Choose blouses, tops and jackets that have embellishments  and bold patterns.


2.  Wear bright colored tops and stick to dark colors on your lower  body.

3.  Halter or strapless styles are the most flattering for wide hips.


4.  Shoulder pads are a great option for those with pear shaped hips because they help to create a hour glass shape.  This will help to redirect the attention to your upper body.


5.  Avoid jackets that fall at the hip, the bottom of the jacket should fall just below the hip line. Wear longer jackets that are fitted but, not too tight.   


6.   Avoid wearing any top or bottom with horizontal stripes. Horizontal stripes will accentuate the  width of a woman’s hips, making them appear larger than they really are.


7.   A-line dresses with a slightly plunging or V-neck also flatter the pear shaped figure and draw attention upward, away from the hips and thighs.


8.  An empire waist is great as long as the bottom isn’t overly full.


9.  Wrap around dresses are very flattering to the pear shaped figure. Choose a wrap around dress that gathers at the waist and fits tightly over the bust and torso, but has a flared skirt.


10.  Wear dresses that have embroidery, lace or other embellishments around the bust area.


11.  Choose dresses that are dark or at least dark on the bottom.


12.  Keep details at the hemline and up on the top of the bodice.


13.  Choose a pair of pants that have wide legs, hang just  below the belly button and are a dark color.


14.  Wear pants or skirts that have clean lines around the hip area, avoiding details around the hips and a flat front.


15.   Layering is great. A  loosely wrapped cardigan or jacket that hits just below the hips or longer will  help hide your problem area. Belting them will give you a waistline and help to create that hourglass figure.


16.  Choose belts that sit on your waist,  the smallest part of it and make sure the lines after that flare out.


17.   Look for necklaces that are made up of multiple pieces. If  large jewelry is too bold and dramatic for your personal style, choose a necklace that shows skin in-between the beads/pieces, rather than a solid, dense piece.


18.  Coats should be a dark color and flow away from the body at the waist as well.


19.   Wear shoes with a heel, they will add length to your figure.


20.   Always create a focal point somewhere else.  Remember,  you direct people where you want people to look by adding detail.


*If you feel have nothing to wear or not sure how to put it  may be time to contact a personal shopper for a wardrobe analysis to take your look to the next level.


**How do you enhance your figure? We wanna know…..Leave a comment:


Tracey Evelyn is a Body Image and Fashion Consultant who helps women to learn to  love their bodies and reinvent themselves through Wardrobe Styling, Makeup Artistry and Personal Shopping.

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  1. I’m a pear shape and have learned how to wear it stylishly. Wonderful tip; thanks for sharing.

  2. This is my body type. I will have to remember to create a focal point. Good tips!

  3. these are great tips. i dont wear dresses but pants are always difficult to fit.

  4. There are a lot of tips here. I think that is great so that people will understand they have many options available.

  5. I LOVE THIS! Finding the right clothes for your shape does so much for you self confidence. We put together a few looks for pear-shaped woman to off their fabulous shapes. You can take a look at them here http://www.weartostandout.com/blog/tag/pear-body-shape and tell us what you think! xoxo, WearToStandOut

  6. I’m not so fashionable bt having the knowledge of what to wear and what not to is very gud…. Helps boost my self-confidence. Many ‘likes’ for this!

  7. I’m a classic pear (32-24-37) and agree with most of this – except the part about halters. They are the WORST for me. Wide neck lines (like a boat neck) balance out my hips and give me an hourglass appearance, whereas halters emphasise the triangle shape. I also feel best in tight, high-waisted jeans which show off my curves rather than wide-leg pants which make me look stumpy Each to her own I guess!

  8. I am pear shaped and most of your tips work for me. I do wear fuller skirts as well; as long as I show off my lower legs I look ok. I found a lot of inspiration on what to wear (or what not to wear) with wide hips on this blog: http://www.styled247.com/category/women/pear-shaped/
    It is written by a pear shaped woman who puts pics of her outfits online every day and comments on them.

    One thing I found is that I cannot wear bags over the shoulders. They are just too drooping for that and tend to fall off. So I either have to hold on to the straps all the time or I put my shoulder up a little – a very unnatural position, I am sure this cannot be good for my back.

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