14 Benefits Of Shea Butter


14 benefits of Shea Butter

Something so natural can be so beneficial?  Shea butter is known as super-food for the skinShea butter is extracted from the nuts of the Shea tree (Butyrospermum parkii), which grows in the savannah of Western Africa.  Shea butter is ideal because it melts on contact and is readily absorbed into the skin, without leaving a greasy residue.  The Vitamin A in shea butter is important for improving skin conditions, including blemishes, wrinkles, eczema, and dermatitis.  The vitamin E found in shea butter benefits the skin in several ways….. Vitamin E lessens the appearance of lines, wrinkles and vitamin E also protects the epidermal layer of the skin from early stages of ultra violet light damage therefore promoting younger healthier looking skin. This is one skincare tip you shouldn’t ignore!  Here is a list of additional benefits of shea butter:

1.  Easily absorbed


2.  Anti-Inflammatory


3.  Relieves Dry Skin


4.  Evens Scars, wounds and blemishes


5.  Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles


6.  Stimulates collagen production


7.  Natural sunscreen


8.  Calms/soothes and relieves Eczema


9.  Makes a great after shave


10. Used to lessen stretch marks


11. Promotes wound healing


12. Calms and soothes Dermatitis


13. Heals skin after sunburn or tanning


14. Relieves muscle fatigue and tension

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Tracey Evelyn is a Body Image and Fashion Consultant who helps women to learn to  love their bodies and reinvent themselves through Wardrobe Styling, Makeup Artistry and Personal Shopping.

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How To Dress Your Oval Or Diamond Shape

Tracey Evelyn Wardrobe diamond shape

How To Dress Your Oval Or Diamond Shape



How do you dress your oval or diamond shape?  If you are oval or diamond shaped you are bigger in the torso area and your waist is undefined.  It’s best when you dress to balance your shoulders and hips by creating a waist.  Adding volume to your shoulders and fitted clothing at the waste will create the perfect curves.  The goal is to take the attention away from the midriff.    Hear are a few tips for dressing your body shape:


Off the shoulder, boat-neck tops, wide V or U necks look best on the oval or diamond shaped body.
Tops and Dresses with empire waist enhance the bust and therefore balance the oval or diamond shape.
Slim down your midriff by ensuring that the clothing at your waste is fitted.

Opt for peplum tops, they look great on you.
Jackets or sweaters should be nipped at the waist where the center part of the midriff is smaller than the top and bottom.
Balance the shoulders and bust with the hips to create a waist.
Tracey Evelyn Fashion Empire Waist
Tracey Evelyn- Wardrobe - kim-kardashian-fashion

Tracey Evelyn Wardrobe Diiamond hape


Show off your legs.
Try to opt for darker colors on the bottom.
Straight and A-Line skirts that fall from the widest part of your hip curve look great on you.
All bottoms should be a relaxed fit that falls from the widest part of your hips.
Wear vertical buttons, patterns and seams to slim down your waste.  

Bottoms with simple or no pockets work best on a diamond shaped body.
Tracey Evelyn kim kardashian rachel zoe pants[1] (2)


Tracey Black skirt
How do you dress your oval or diamond shape? We wanna know…..Leave a comment:

Tracey Evelyn is a Body Image and Fashion Consultant who helps women to learn to  love their bodies and reinvent themselves through Wardrobe Styling, Makeup Artistry and Personal Shopping.

Contact: Tracey@Traceyevelynbeautifulyou.com     Twitter: @Traceyevelyninc Phone: 484-479-6730


Jump To It !

I love knowing that with a jumpsuit you have a complete outfit.  Jumpsuits are completely unfussy, the top half and the bottom half automatically match, they are polished and effortlessly chic.  Lighten your load with this simple yet stylish, all in one little number. J umpsuits can be scary for some but, have no fear.  If you are unsure, that you can rock a jumpsuit……. Here are 4 simple steps to wearing a jumpsuit:

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1.  Wear it as a stand alone outfit.
Tracey Evelyn Wardrobe Stylist Striped Jumper Stella Mccartney




2.  Belt it. Dress up and enhance your silhouette

Tracey Evelyn Wardrobe Stylist jumper




3.  Layer it.

Tracey Evelyn wardrobe Jumpsuit jacket




4.  Accessorize it.

Tracey Evelyn Wardrobe Jumpsuit1




How do you wear a jumpsuit?  We wanna know….be sure to leave a comment.




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