Eye Lash Extensions Caught Their Eyes At The International Beauty Show

Eye Lash Extensions Caught Their Eyes At The International Beauty Show

Tracey Evelyn Eye Lash Extension

I recently attended the International Beauty Show in New York City and upon entry the place was buzzing.  The international beauty show offered access to industry experts from around the globe. There where more than 100 hair, nail and makeup classes offered from the top industry educators from around the world.

There was one industry beauty secret  in particular that seemed to catch the beauty professionals eyes.  Although these women where licensed estheticians and cosmotologist that didn’t seem to stop them from lining up to have their eye lash extensions done. These semi-permanent eye lash extensions are all the rage.

Here are 6 reasons why beauty peofessionals lined up to have their semi-permanent eye lash extensions:

1.  They add length, volume and fullness.

2.  They look very natural.

3.  They can be applied to look as natural or dramatic as you like.

4.  No mascara or eyelash curler needed after application.

5. It’s a safe and gentle eye enhancement.

6.  You can swim,run or workout in them.

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