Quirkiness Is The New Hotness

Quirkiness rocks!


Do you ever feel different from others, unconventional, unexpected, offbeat or quirky?  Well join the club!  Go against the grain and embrace your quirkiness.  Learning to embrace your quirks will help you to move past the fact that the quirkiness is there.  If you allow your attention to be consumed with your uniqueness, it will become very easy to feel defeated and powerless.  Instead use your quirks to your advantage.  Believe it or not people are drawn to uniqueness!  Having the willingness to share yourself with the world will expose possibilities you never knew existed .  There is nothing more attractive than a person who is not afraid to be him or herself.   Here are 3 helpful tips to help you to embrace your quirkiness:

1.  Strive to be authentic  

Embrace and love the things that make you different. This is what makes you special.  Be mindful of who you are and act on this experience, rather than trying to be who others expect you to be.  Write down your values.  Look out for values that are sabotaging your time, energy and live for the ones that bring out your authenticity.  Be aware of what makes you happy and motivates you to achieve your goals. Identify the highest value activities that will have the largest impact on your success at the end of the day.  Values are not set in stone so they may change over time.  Stay focused on what you need, turn away from old patterns or behavior that get you into trouble, keep you stuck or lessen your self-love.  Do the things that you dream about and really want to do.

2.  Celebrate your victories no matter how big or small  

Just remember you are special, there is no one else in the world like you. Take time to look in the mirror each day and say something positive to yourself.  Celebration provides positive reinforcement.  Just know that you are going to encounter your fair share of ups and downs along the way.  Stopping to celebrate along the way reminds you that you are making progress and progress feels good….it’s definitely a confidence booster.  Surround yourself with the right people who will love and encourage you. It’s ok, anyone who doesn’t make you feel like a winner can take a backseat!

3.  Serve others  

With our busy lives, it can be hard to find time to serve others. However, the benefits of  serving others or volunteering can make a major impact on your friends, family, community and yourself. Consider your own skills, goals and interests – finding an opportunity that matches your own interests is more likely to be fun and fulfilling.  Volunteering can help protect your mental and physical health.  Serving others gives you the opportunity to grow your network, practice and develop your social skills. When you are doing good for others or the community this provides a natural since of accomplishment, pride and identity.
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5 Simple Tips To Help You To Love Your Body

5 simple tips to help you to love your body



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Can you honestly say you love your body?  Do you struggle with learning to love and care for your body?  We spend so much time wondering what others think that we often overlook  caring for ourselves.  Studies say there is a link between taking the steps to care for your body and loving your body.  Here are 5 simple tips to help you to love your body:
1.  Know your body shape.  If you understand what your present body shape and proportions are, then you are well on your way to looking your best. Get a measuring tape and go to work.
2.  Learn to dress for your body shape.  Learning to dress for your body shape will  help you to identify the areas you would like to downplay and those beautiful areas you would like to show off.  We all have something about our bodies that we love we just, need to identify them.  Are you a: Pear Shape, Inverted Triangle, Rectangle, DiamondRound or Hourglass)
3.  Don’t beat yourself up.  Change the negative thoughts we have about ourselves and replace them with positive thoughts and words of affirmation.  We are all made uniquely and we must be willing to accept that.
 4. Take care of your body. You only get one body, take care of it.  Develop healthy habits like: A body and skin care routine, eating healthy, drinking water, walking, jogging, stretching or yoga.(Be sure to see a physician before making extreme changes).
5.  Look in the mirror daily and tell yourself you are BEAUTIFUL!
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