How to Add Spring To Summer Fashion Trends To Your Wardrobe


A fashion trend is a popular style or practice especially in the clothing footwear and accessories industry. It is usually the newest creations of textile designers or trends can take root in an unconventional way like the discovery of an unknown artist.  I love to think of it as a wardrobe update or the opportunity to inject something new.  I guess you can call it inspiration, kind of like being inspired by things that are happening in the world.  We get to inject what is happening in art, music, technology, science, politics and even food into fashion trends. Trends can give you the opportunity to express yourself though your clothes or  simply used to update your look.  Either way we want to  help you nail the perfect outfit.  Let’s get inspired with outfit ideas of pieces you probably already own or just update you look with the latest spring to summer fashion trends.  To start adding trend into your wardrobe Watch the video:



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Tracey Evelyn is an image consultant, wardrobe stylist and beauty expert that helps emerging women to reinvent themselves and to help them make a statement without saying a word.
Twitter: @TraceyEvelyninc


Behind The Scenes With Mushmina: fashion with cultural integrity


Here at Tracey Evelyn we often get the opportunity to run into some pretty amazing people.  Join us as we go behind the scenes with Mushmina a unique boutique that offers a global shopping experience.  Mushmina presents a curated collection of unique ethical fashions and home goods that have been handcrafted by artisans globally.

Do you ever wonder how your clothing was made or where did they come from? Check out what Mushmina has to say about being ethically aware and creating a mindful lifestyle:

Tracey-  How did Mushmina come about?


My sister Heather and I felt so gracious for the opportunities we had growing up (due to our parents) we are both creative and love to travel.  I went to Mali to study anthropology and textiles, while my sister Heather was in peace corps.  What really stood out and resonated most with us was the developing artisans with not much access to the market with and very little resources. We saw talented artisans who could not find a job or didn’t have the resources to market their skills .  We wanted to empower women to be able to learn a skill, earn a fair wage and to connect them to a market that they may not have otherwise been connected to.


Tracey-  Who was your first style icon ?


One of my first style icons was my hairdresser  (she was more of an influencer).  I would even say she was more of a inspiration.  She was much older and very stylish.  Patricia was one of the first people who noticed and tried to cultivate my artistic flair.   She would take me on little trips to New York City.   When you are a child New York City is a big deal!   She was wild with her own since of style and artist flair.   I remember her taking me to the village, it was almost like she helped me to find an outlet. I would say she recognized my energy and vibe at a young age.  She was  one of those people in my life for season.  Patricia Fields is a stylist I always respected.  She would create trends rather than follow them.


Tracey-  Who is the Mushmina shopper?


The average Mushmina shopper can be from 30’s to 60’s  ranging in age and style. The shopper is usually moved by the story of the product as well as moved the artistry and handmade craftsmanship of each item.  We wanted to be acceptable to all audiences. You can buy a handmade soap for $8 or purchase a bag for $225.  We find something for everyone who walks through the door.

Tracey-  What is Mushmina’s proudest achievement?


We celebrate every milestone, even the small ones.  We offered a women’s training and education center.  We hired a teacher and offered pattern making to the younger generation.  We where trying to empower the women with tools to be assist them in running a business and charged a nominal fee.  We equipped women with the skills and technology that will allow them to work and have a fair income, therefore gaining financial independence.



Tracey- Where do you get your products from?


We work directly with the artisans located in Morocco who hand make their products with cultural integrity.  We carry a collection of curated products from all over the world. We also custom design our own collection. Our collection connects people to the customary traditions of Morocco. I travel back to Morocco at least twice a year.


Tuareg Silver Red Glass Arrow Earrings


Tracey- Where do you hope to see Mushmina in the future?


We see so many opportunities for expansion.  The more exposure we have the more we can give. More of a global exposure would really help.  Also, expansion of our collection of merchandise so that we can grow and reach a larger audience.  I think that this would provide more opportunity to reach more customers and include more versatility while maintaining integrity.


Tracey- What are 3 hot gift ideas from Mushmina?


  1. The new spring clothing is all about the fabric…..The textiles with be brightly colored, easy to travel and amazing texture.

 2. Brass etched and hammer jewelry….. all the Mushmina jewelry collection work well together.

     3. The classic bag arimna and hobo bag is made from the Moroccan upholstery fabric. They make a great statement handbag that make it easy to wear.


MushminaBlackKilimDufflelargeBlack Kilim Duffle


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Tracey Evelyn is an image consultant, wardrobe stylist and beauty expert that helps emerging women to reinvent themselves and to help them make a statement without saying a word.
Twitter: @TraceyEvelyninc