Do’s and Don’ts to help you love getting dressed !

What should I wear?  I don’t like the way this looks on me!  We have to face this decision daily.  I doesn’t matter if you are a size four or a size twenty four, every women I know has some insecurity about her body. What keeps women from getting dressed and loving the results?  What it boils down to is, that we are all looking hide our problem areas and mask our insecurities.  Who are you? It is time to learn to dress your personality and learn to be content in your own skin and dress accordingly. The most important step to loving what you wear is ” Wearing confidence and a positive attitude “.  Wearing the right clothes will add to that confidence.  Learn to love your body!

Ask any woman she will tell you regardless your body shape and height, the way you dress can make or break your appearance. Flattering your figure isn’t just about dressing a certain way, you need to take into consideration; colors, fabric and textures to make sure you look and feel your best.
Unlike other parts of our lives that involve other people, your body and how you dress it are under your absolute control. Take control of your appearance because, it is yours. A few strategies to Maximize your Potential:


*   Stand Tall, throw those shoulders back,  tuck that tummy in, take a deep breath, and smile.  You’ll look better without spending a cent.

*   Vertical lines Lengthen and Slim. 

*   Wear larger and busy prints where you want people to focus and smaller print where you wants to minimize attention.    

*  Match hose to hemline and shoe colors,this combination elongates the legs.                   

*  To appear taller, combine colors that are similar in value ( lightness & darkness). 

*  Wear subtle vertical pinstripes to elongate. 

*  A knit garment drapes and hugs the body to add shape.     

*  Pants with clean lines( no pleats, no pockets) this can be slimming.   

*  Wearing black and other dark colors will make you look thinner.

*  Do wear color near your face, wearing color, even as an accent will make you look prettier.

*  Have a bra fitting (Properly selected and fitted undergarments can make a huge deference in how you look and feel)



*  Avoid wearing thick bulky fabrics where you are bulky. 

Example: If you are “top heavy” combine a lightweight blouse with a heavier bottom.  Let your fabrics create visual balance.            

*  Horizontal lines make you look wider.    

*  Light and Dark color combinations shorten the body.                         

*  Shiny fabric such as satin will both cling and reflect even the most minor figure curve.

*  A stiff or firm fabric will create volume and make clothes look and feel overly structured.

*  Don’t wear long tops if you are short.

*  A square boxy jacket will make you look bulky

*  Never compromise on fit- if an item can’t be altered or you’re not prepared to spend the money on an alteration don’t buy.

It is important to learn to love yourself and to do things that make you feel good! Find a method of exercise that you enjoy and do it regularly. Don’t exercise to lose weight or to fight your body.  Do it to make your body healthy and strong and because it makes you feel good. Exercise…..walk with your head held high, supported by pride and confidence in yourself as a person.  Don’t let your weight or shape keep you from activities that you enjoy. The best way to dress for your body shape is to pick one body part you love and feature it!  Distract yourself, by dressing in clothes that take away from what you think of as your worst features and accentuate the features that you love.  Don’t be afraid to show it off!  Wear comfortable clothes that you like, that express your personal style, and that feel good to your body. Love getting dressed!  Count your blessings, not your blemishes!

 Leave a comment to let us know what do you do to love the skin you are in?   Tracey

Tracey Evelyn Reed is a visual brand specialist with over 15 years experience in the beauty industry. As an accomplished wardrobe stylist and make-up artist, she’s also a licensed esthetician.  Her company, Tracey Evelyn Beautiful You, provides customized skin-care programs, make-up lessons, eyelash extensions, wardrobe consulting and personal shopping services. Tracey specializes in helping women reinvent their style and take their look to the next level.  Follow her on Twitter at @TraceyEvelyninc                         484-479-6730 phone

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Five Steps to Making a Great First Impression!


How do you want to be perceived by others?  Does  making a great  first impression affect your job,  goals, relationships  or your lifestyle? It only takes 3 seconds before they have sized you up and have formed an impression about you. It doesn’t seem fair, but unfortunately it happens everyday.

In very little time, the other person has formed an opinion about you based on your appearance, your body language, your demeanor, smile , and how you are dressed.

Five Steps to Making a Great First Impression:

1. Dress Appropriately

Dress appropriately. Of course physical appearance does matter. Remember, you are meeting this person for the first time and all this person has to go on  is what they see first! This doesn’t mean that you need to try to look like a super model but, be intentional about what you are wearing.   Be sure to think about what is appropriate for the situation at hand.  For example, color is the first thing you notice about a person, and as a first impression the strategic placement & choice of color of can be extremely powerful.   If you are not sure what to wear then you may need to hire a professional to help you get your look together for you.

If you dress and look like a winner – the world will treat you like one!   You may be preventing your advancement in your career or personal life by dressing inappropriately and giving the wrong signals.  Sometimes we just don’t know the basics and we don’t realize how a few simple changes can affect our entire life.  Changing your appearance will allow you to increase income, enhance your social life and achieve specific goals.  Do your homework on all of your prospects ( it’s helpful to know if a certain dress attire is offensive ).  Always be genuine and show your unique personality.

2Find your connection.

As you prepare for your initial meeting, come up with a few things to talk about as well as four generic questions that will get others talking.  Be the first to say, hello!  If you’re not sure the other person will remember you, offer your name to ease the pressure.  Take your time during introductions. Make an extra effort to remember names and use them frequently. Have something interesting to contribute. Keeping abreast of current events and culture will provide you with great conversation builders, leading with “What do you think of…?” Have you heard…?” What is your take on…?” Stay away from negative  talk or controversial subject matter, and refrain from long-winded stories or giving a lot of detail in casual conversation.  It’s ok to be a little witty too!

3. Smile

The is nothing like a smile to make a good first impression.  A warm friendly confident smile will put both you and the other person at ease.  So smiling is imperative to making a good first impression.  We are drawn to people who smile. There is an attraction factor. When someone is smiling they lighten up the room, change the moods of others, and make things happier. A smiling person brings happiness with them. Smile lots and you will draw people to you.

4.  Be Attentive and Courteous

Make eye contact. Stay focused on the person you are speaking with and certainly not on anything else to avoid them feeling unappreciated and unwanted.  Focus 100% on what is being said. When they have finished talking do not jump in immediately. Wait and process what has just been said to you. Then take some time to think carefully about what you want to say. And then you can talk!  Take the time to turn off your mobile phone. There is no better way to ruin a first impression than a cell phone going off in the middle of an in-depth conversation.

5.  Be Confident

Be confident and outgoing!  Try giving compliments to the person or people you want to talk to. By doing this you can start a good conversation.  When a person realizes someone has these easy going qualities, they find them easier to talk with and much more welcoming.  Proper posture is imperative.  Body language can tell someone a lot about your mood and confidence level.   Slouching with your head facing down only makes you look shy, scared and unsure of yourself. You don’t want that.  You must always stand straight and tall.  Look in a mirror and practice, practice, practice!  You’ll look  more confident and proud to be yourself.  Close on a good note to keep them wanting more…….Remember to be yourself!  Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not.

Remember to love the skin you are in, Tracey

Tracey Evelyn is a Body Image and Fashion Consultant who helps women to learn to love their bodies and reinvent themselves through Wardrobe Styling, Makeup Artistry and Personal Shopping. Contact:    Twitter: @Traceyevelyninc Phone: 484-479-6730