Coffee Shop Style: Check out "V"

COFFEE SHOP STYLE,  where there are no rules ! Everyday style by everyday people…. buy levitra online without prescription What inspired your look today?   V’s inspiration for her style today : V say’s :  ” Embracing my non-curves.”   What inspired your look today? We wanna know. Send us a pic and a comment. […]

Do You Know Your Body Shape?

Enell Control Figure Sports Bra Do you know your body shape?  If you understand what your present body shape, proportions are and know a few clothing and style guidelines for your shape, you are well on your way to looking your best. Getting dressed is a whole lot easier when you know your body type.  […]

3 Simple Home Remedies to Relieve Dry Feet

 3 Simple Home Remedies to Relieve Dry Feet   Do you suffer from dry feet?  It’s that time of year when your feet need a little extra love and care.  Dry feet can creep up on you at any time of the year causing you to feel uncomfortable and insecure.   Turbo charge and condition those beautiful  tootsies […]