Effortless Dress

Effortless Dress Every woman wants shop effortlessly and to  look as if her clothes where especially made for her.   Through the use a few simple tips , you can find a dress that will make you feel as if it  where  made just for you:     1.  Know your dress size     Before […]

Monochromatic Color Can Help You Appear Thinner

                                                                                 Dressing in  monochromatic or all one color produces a strong unbroken vertical line that elongates the body and helps  you to  appear  thinner.

First Lady Michelle Obama wears American Designer Reed Krakoff

generico cialis First Lady Michelle Obama is keeping it:  “ Simple, Classic yet very Stylish ” with a royal blue cardi and royal blue dress as she graces the blue room of the White House,  while  President Barack Obama is being sworn in.  To add even more grace and elegance to the day her dress […]

Update Your Look Like First Lady Michelle Obama

  Has First Lady Michelle Obama’s new edgy hair cut inspired you?  Do you want a change or to update your look or style?   Give your hair a makeover.   You don’t have to make drastic changes, the change of a part, a trim or a simple addition can make your look  and feel like a new […]

What Dress Would You Wear To The Golden Globe Awards

Can you imagine having to decide what dress to wear to the 2013 Golden Globe Awards?  What would you wear on the red carpet?   Although ” Nude ” seemed to be the choice of the night,  it was  the ” all Black ”  dress that caught my attention. generic azithromycin capsules Here are my two favorite dresses […]