Oily Skin Got You Down?

  Are you oil glands working overtime?  Trying to get rid of the shine, especially your T-zone area?  Try these quick fixes that help to prevent that shiny look:     Wash your face at least twice a day with a gentle alcohol free cleanser     Tone with an alcohol free toner ( This […]

Stimulate Hair Growth and Add Shine Straight From Your Kitchen

 Stimulate Hair Growth and Add Shine Straight From Your Kitchen Who would have thought that a culinary spice has so many benefits.  Rosemary  made into a tonic can be used as an effective hair treatment that leaves the hair soft and shiny.  Rosemary when used in the hair is none to stimulate the scalp, hair follicles, controls flakiness and dandruff.  When used […]

4 Ways To Camouflage The Belly Bulge

  Is your tummy a problem area for you?  If you are like most women then the answer is probably yes.  Believe it or not there are ways to flatter your belly through the use of proper clothes. Here are four ways to disguise your mid-section with a few figure flattering frocks:   1.  Wear gathered or ruched Tops. […]