Three Simple At Home Remedies to Cure or Minimize Pimples ( Acne )

Don’t you just hate it,  just before a big meeting, traveling, date or  major event, here it comes, a pimple!   Pimples are oil glands (sebaceous glands) which are infected with bacteria.  Unfortunately, these pimples(acne) can occur at any age.  Treating pimples promptly can help to overcome its emotional and psychological effects.  Although, there is no one definitive cure for […]

3 Helpful Tips That Make Wearing High Heels More Comfortable

3 Helpful Tips That Make Wearing High Heels More Comfortable If you are anything like me, you like the lean, feminine, and sexy look you get when you put on those fabulous high heels.   Wearing high heels can sometimes be uncomfortable and I don’t know anyone who likes the pain that is associated with wearing heels.  Can […]

Beautiful Bushy Brows!

Are your eyebrows full and out of control?  Do they get a little wild after a few hours?   Need a little help maintaining your natural,  full bushy brows?  With these few simple steps, a little trimming and plucking can make those bushy eyebrows look neat again: Use an eyebrow brush or a toothbrush to brush your brows to […]

Lose That Tattoo

  paxil xanax Are you attending a wedding, job interview or an important business meeting and you need to cover up a little body art?  With a little practice……what seems like a challenge can be done.  Here are  simple steps to temporarily covering a tattoo:   1.  You want to start with  clean skin (alcohol wipe […]

Where They Dressed For The 2013 BET Awards or Even Sunday Dinner?

Yes, it was as I thought…… Chris Tucker would be the perfect host for the 2013 BET Music Awards, (he keeps the crowd howling).   The BET Music Awards took place at the Nokia Theatre L.A in Los Angeles on June 30.  I am excited to see that we are getting back to displaying real talent!  Now let’s get […]