Jump To It !

I love knowing that with a jumpsuit you have a complete outfit.  Jumpsuits are completely unfussy, the top half and the bottom half automatically match, they are polished and effortlessly chic.  Lighten your load with this simple yet stylish, all in one little number. J umpsuits can be scary for some but, have no fear.  If you are unsure, that you can rock a jumpsuit……. Here are 4 simple steps to wearing a jumpsuit:

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1.  Wear it as a stand alone outfit.
Tracey Evelyn Wardrobe Stylist Striped Jumper Stella Mccartney




2.  Belt it. Dress up and enhance your silhouette

Tracey Evelyn Wardrobe Stylist jumper




3.  Layer it.

Tracey Evelyn wardrobe Jumpsuit jacket




4.  Accessorize it.

Tracey Evelyn Wardrobe Jumpsuit1




How do you wear a jumpsuit?  We wanna know….be sure to leave a comment.




Tracey Evelyn Reed is a visual brand specialist with over 15 years experience in the beauty industry. As an accomplished wardrobe stylist and make-up artist, she’s also a licensed esthetician. Her company, Tracey Evelyn Beautiful You, provides customized skin-care programs, make-up lessons, eyelash extensions, wardrobe consulting and personal shopping services. Tracey specializes in helping women reinvent their style and take their look to the next level. www.traceyevelynbeautifulyou.com

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