Yup, It’s In Your Closet

It’s that time of year when we get to layer and mix it all up!  Yup, it’s already in your closet.  Who would have thought that pairing a bohemian style ruffle skirt with a polished cropped leather jacket could be so cool!   Trend Cropped Leather Jacket   Leggings   Ankle Boots   Silver Belt […]

7 Helpful Tips To Keep Your Wardrobe Looking Fresh

Taking proper care and keeping your wardrobe looking fresh are just as important as determining what you will be wearing to work or that special event. Keeping your closet organized and your wardrobe looking fresh can save you time and money.  It is so convenient to reach into your closet, grab an outfit and go.  Let’s not […]

4 Simple Steps To Slow Down The Signs Of Aging

4 Simple Steps To Slow Down The Signs Of Aging   It doesn’t matter who you are or whether you have a  professional career or stay at home mom the subject of anti-aging at some point in life becomes a topic of discussion for everyone.  Who doesn’t want look their best! When you look great you feel great and in […]

Colored Tights Or Hosiery Can Create Longer Looking Legs

Yes it is true! Matching the color of your tights or hosiery to your shoes creates a longer looking leg.  Be sure to wear the same color tights as shoes to create the longest line possible. This will allow the eye to travel all the way down the leg to the floor before stopping, which in […]

How To Wear A White Coat

You don’t need to wait for someone else’s approval. White is absolutely fabulous in the winter!  Wearing white in the winter is often thought of as out of as a faux pas but,when done properly you can stand out in a crowd.  Your coat is the first line of defense and the first thing people will see when you walk into […]