Accessories And The Full Figured Woman

Accessories should be proportional with your body shape. For a full figured woman this means you would wear chunkier jewelry, carry a bigger bag, wear a thicker belt and don’t forget to add heels to elongate the legs.  Small accessories will get lost on a fuller body frame.
Tracey Evelyn Personal Shopper Chunky Necklace
                                             Chunky Statement Necklace
How do you accessorize your full figure?   We want to know, Leave a comment:
Tracey Evelyn Reed is a visual brand specialist with over 15 years experience in the beauty industry. Tracey is an accomplished wardrobe stylist ,make-up artist, esthetician and educator.  Her company, Tracey Evelyn Beautiful You, provides professional women with customized skin-care programs, make-up lessons, eyelash extensions, wardrobe consulting and personal shopping services. Tracey specializes in helping women reinvent their style and take their look to the next level.

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