5 Useful Last Minute Gift Ideas For Her

So many of you have been saying that it seems like time has just creeped up on us!  I feel the same way.  Now it’s crunch time and the job need’s to get done.   Rest assure, it’s not too late!  Most of what you need  is already at your finger tips.  With a click of a button you still […]

Gratitude Looks Good On You

While visiting family in Chicago I went to a church service.  I was completely  blown away by the message about gratitude.  I couldn’t help to think about how most of us want more out of life.   I immediately thought about how gratitude is a choice.  Wow! we can choose to be grateful.  It may take some […]

10 Creative Way To Maximize Your Small Closet Space

  If you have reached the point where the hangers in your closet have no room to move from left to right then it is time to take action!  There are a ton of ways you can make your closet seem sleek and organized no matter what size your closet is.  You can maximize your closet […]

Transition Your Favorite Tank Top From Summer To Fall

Don’t go on a shopping frenzy just yet, when you can easily transition the pieces you already have.  You don’t have to put your favorite tank-top away just yet! Although we are moving steadily into fall the daytime weather can still get pretty hot.  If you are like most of us girls, a tank top is […]

3 Ways To Use Shower Curtain Hooks To Organize Your Closet

Get organized, create space and repurpose all at once! Looking for a multi-space storage solution?  Maximizing your space is key!  Who would have thought……using shower curtain rings or hooks to create space in your closet would be so revolutionary!  Shower curtain rings have proven to be multi-functional they help to create more storage capacity, they are affordable and adjustable. […]