Gratitude Looks Good On You


While visiting family in Chicago I went to a church service.  I was completely  blown away by the message about gratitude.  I couldn’t help to think about how most of us want more out of life.   I immediately thought about how gratitude is a choice.  Wow! we can choose to be grateful.  It may take some work but, we can change our mindset and what a difference a simple change can make in our lives.  It’s never too late to set a goal or to dream.  Nine times out of ten, we don’t realize how much control we have over our future.  We have the power to take control over who we become.  If we don’t, we run the risk of not reaching our full potential. There is no better time than like the present to reinvent yourself.  If you are like most of us we are constantly looking for ways to improve or to reinvent ourselves.

Reinvention –

To remake or make over in a different form

A great place to start in our reinvention process is with gratitude.  Gratitude can help just about any transition in life become so much smoother.  Think about gratitude as a form of self care.

Gratitude –

the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness

Being grateful is available to everyone, it’s free of charge and can be implemented right away.  Here are a five benefits of showing more gratitude:


1. You begin to prioritize(What really matters in life becomes more important).  You tend to become less self centered.

2.  More gratitude leads to better relationships (Positivity will draw people to you).

3.  The more thankful you are the easier it is to push through dark moments. Gratitude makes you happier.

4.  Feeling thankful can improve your health, relieve stress, boost your immune system and add more years

to your life.

5. Those that express positive emotions tend to receive an increase in their income. Gratitude makes us more effective at work.

** Tip: The highest form of gratitude that we can have is our gratitude for one another.


How does gratitude effect your life?  We want to know………………..leave a message:

Tracey Evelyn is an image consultant, wardrobe stylist and beauty expert that helps emerging women to reinvent themselves and to help them make a statement without saying a word.

Twitter: @TraceyEvelyninc


10 Creative Way To Maximize Your Small Closet Space



If you have reached the point where the hangers in your closet have no room to move from left to right then it is time to take action!  There are a ton of ways you can make your closet seem sleek and organized no matter what size your closet is.  You can maximize your closet space on the cheap, be creative and upcycle all while still being chic.  Here are 10 creative ways to maximize your small closet space without it costing you a fortune:

1. First things First! It’s time to purge!


Why take up valuable real estate in your closet? Reduce the clutter in your closet by getting rid of the clothes that don’t fit, obviously worn to death or out of style.  ” I’ve had this since high school ” is not a good reason to keep it. If you have not worn it in a year, it’s okay to let it go!  The items that are still in good condition can be donated.


2. The inner closet door is a prime spot


Maximize your closet real estate by using a door rack to hang your scarves, belts, tights or shoes. Think of the closet door as a wall too!


3. Double duty your handbags


Save on space by storing smaller handbags inside of larger ones. Tip: handbags should be stored upright to keep their shape.


4. Re-use an old suitcase


It’s taking up space anyway. Use an old suitcase to store out of season pieces.  Suitcases can be stored under the bed, hung on hooks or rolled away when not needed.  If it is a vintage suitcase it can make a great décorative piece.




5. Recycle your soda can tab


Use soda a simple soda can tab to make double hangers, with this simple piece you can hang multiple items in one spot


6. Double up


Add double rods for short items.  A double hanging rod literally doubles your closet space , that way you can group your short hanging pieces together. This will give you more floor space as well.


7. Get matchy matchy


Match hangers so that they are the same type color and scheme.  For example: If you are going to use velvet hangers, then use all velvet hangers. You will be surprised how much space you will create and how less wrinkled your clothes will be.


8. Be smart, use book ends


Use book ends to keep your folded clothing in place and to keep your shelves neat. There is nothing worst than grabbing a folded sweater and they all fall down.


9. Get hooked


Everyone has these, they are holding up your shower curtain.  Use shower curtain hooks to hang your light weight garments like tank tops, tights, scarves or small purses. Believe it or not you can hang your bra’s on the shower curtain hooks to help them maintain their shape.


10. Light it up! First things First! It’s time to purge!


If your closet is not wired for lights get yourself a LED stick for closets. It’s am affordable and easy way to add lighting to your closet without wiring. This way you can find what you are looking for on the shelves and floors. You won’t believe how much space you will discover and how much bigger your closet will seem with a little light.



** How do you maximize your closet space? We want to know, leave a comment…………

Tracey Evelyn is an image consultant, wardrobe stylist and beauty expert that helps emerging women to reinvent themselves and to help them make a statement without saying a word.

Twitter: @TraceyEvelyninc