Don’t Look Tired Even If You Feel It

Don’t Look Tired Even If You Feel It   For a temporary solution to puffiness and fatigue: – Keep Two spoons in the fridge. – Lie down with the backs of the spoon over each eye for five minutes. Click here for more tips on de-puffing and soothing tired eyes. How do you keep your eyes […]

At Home Remedies To Tighten The Skin

At home remedies to tighten the skin   Headed out for a night on the town and your skin needs a little lift?  For a temporary tightening of the skin try these at home remedies: Mix: –  1 Egg White –  2Tablespoons of Honey –  Apply to your face and leave on for 10-15 minutes –  Rinse […]

Simple Steps to Relieve Dry Lips

 Simple Steps to Relieve Dry Lips   It’s that time of the year when lips get really dry.  Our lips are consistently exposed to the environment and need a little extra love and care every now an then.   Here are few Simple steps to relieve dry lips:         1.  Exfoliate Slough off those dead […]