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5 Simple Tips To Help You To Love Your Body

5 simple tips to help you to love your body



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Can you honestly say you love your body?  Do you struggle with learning to love and care for your body?  We spend so much time wondering what others think that we often overlook  caring for ourselves.  Studies say there is a link between taking the steps to care for your body and loving your body.  Here are 5 simple tips to help you to love your body:
1.  Know your body shape.  If you understand what your present body shape and proportions are, then you are well on your way to looking your best. Get a measuring tape and go to work.
2.  Learn to dress for your body shape.  Learning to dress for your body shape will  help you to identify the areas you would like to downplay and those beautiful areas you would like to show off.  We all have something about our bodies that we love we just, need to identify them.  Are you a: Pear Shape, Inverted Triangle, Rectangle, DiamondRound or Hourglass)
3.  Don’t beat yourself up.  Change the negative thoughts we have about ourselves and replace them with positive thoughts and words of affirmation.  We are all made uniquely and we must be willing to accept that.
 4. Take care of your body. You only get one body, take care of it.  Develop healthy habits like: A body and skin care routine, eating healthy, drinking water, walking, jogging, stretching or yoga.(Be sure to see a physician before making extreme changes).
5.  Look in the mirror daily and tell yourself you are BEAUTIFUL!
* How have you learned to love what you see in the mirror?  We want to know…leave a comment:

Do You Know Your Body Shape?

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Do you know your body shape?  If you understand what your present body shape, proportions are and know a few clothing and style guidelines for your shape, you are well on your way to looking your best. Getting dressed is a whole lot easier when you know your body type.  Start by identifying your body shape.  Most women fall into one these categories:


Triangle Shape

Shoulders are very narrow compared to the hips.

Larger at the hips, sometimes very curvy.

Inverted Triangle Shape

Shoulders are wider than your hips, by a good couple of inches.

You may or may not have a waist, many V shapes tend to have a shorter waist.

Your hips look straight given your shoulders being broad.

You have little to no waist definition.


Rectangle Shape

Few visible curves.

Very little to no defined waist.

Waist is the same or slightly narrower than shoulders and hips.

Figure may be slim or broad.


Hourglass Shape

Shoulders and hips are equally proportioned.

Waistline is very well defined, usually 8 to 10 inches smaller than bust and hips.

This body shape is also known as the proportioned shaped in some fashion references.


Diamond Shape

Hips are broader than you bust and shoulders and you have a full midsection.

Waistline is undefined and the widest part of your frame.

Slightly more weight in the upper legs, but the lower legs are shapely.

The arms tend to proportionately slender.


Oval or Round Shape

A heavy frame with a prominent tummy.

A wide hip-line and more than likely a large bust.

Waist is wider from both front and side views, and rounded

Shoulders and hips are balanced, but narrower than waist

**  What is your body shape?  We want to know….be sure to leave a comment:


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