In A Dress

In A Dress       Conservative yet edgy, style a dress anyway you like. I love this little A-line dress it has a vintage feel, which ooh so chic.  Play it down by adding an urban edge with large hoop earrings and metallic studded strappy sandals .  Don’t forget a splash of color! + ** How do you […]

3 Simple Ways To Add A Tea Length Skirt To Your Daily Wardrobe

3 simple ways to add a Tea Length skirt to your daily wardrobe The Tea length skirt is  forever chic and one of my favorite 2014 spring fashion trends.  A Tea length is a fashion term used to describe a mid-length skirt hem that hits at the calf or shin. The tea length skirt is slightly flared with […]

Tips For Dressing The Round Or Oval Body Shape

. Tips For Dressing The Round Or Oval Body Shape   The round or oval body shape tends to be a heavier frame with a prominent tummy, you tend to carry more weight in your mid-section and therefore appear to be top heavy.  With this body shape be sure to take full advantage of and highlight […]

How To Dress Your Oval Or Diamond Shape

How To Dress Your Oval Or Diamond Shape     How do you dress your oval or diamond shape?  If you are oval or diamond shaped you are bigger in the torso area and your waist is undefined.  It’s best when you dress to balance your shoulders and hips by creating a waist.  Adding volume […]

Where They Dressed For The 2013 BET Awards or Even Sunday Dinner?

Yes, it was as I thought…… Chris Tucker would be the perfect host for the 2013 BET Music Awards, (he keeps the crowd howling).   The BET Music Awards took place at the Nokia Theatre L.A in Los Angeles on June 30.  I am excited to see that we are getting back to displaying real talent!  Now let’s get […]