How To Make Your Own Simply Chic Ripped Jeans

  There is something special about a pair of ripped jeans.  Each pair tells it’s own story.  They are kinda is like wearing artwork and who wouldn’t want their own Picasso.  When they are visibly aged and worn but still functional then they truly are exceptionally chic.  Ripped jeans are super cool and never go […]

4 Simple Steps To De-stress And Relieve Dry Feet

4 simple steps to de-stress and relieve dry feet   White Mountain Epsom Salt How often do you take a little time to unwind?  It’s so important to ease stress and relax the body.  Something a simple as a homemade foot soak can feel like a mini retreat.  Here are 5 simple steps to de-stress and relieve dry […]

Simple Steps to Relieve Dry Lips

 Simple Steps to Relieve Dry Lips   It’s that time of the year when lips get really dry.  Our lips are consistently exposed to the environment and need a little extra love and care every now an then.   Here are few Simple steps to relieve dry lips:         1.  Exfoliate Slough off those dead […]