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3 Simple Tips To Stay Self Aware And Productive While Working From Home


How is working from home going for you?

You would think that the stress of traffic from your morning commute or the constant distractions at the office would make working from home a great place to be productive.

Well if you are anything like me, the moment you sit down to work you remember all the not so important things that need to be done. It’s totally unintentional but, the brain will trick you into believing that you have to do what is easier to do right now! Your brain is just trying to protect you from an uncomfortable situation. Don’t fall for it! Let’s get committed to being more effective. By implementing a few simple tips you can trick the brain into believing that you are productive and get more done!

Here are 3 simple tips to stay self aware and productive while working from home


What do you do to stay productive while working from home? We want to know….Leave a comment.



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10 Fashionable Uses For An Old Toothbrush

10 Fashionable Uses For An Old Toothbrush

Not only are toothbrushes great for keeping your pearly whites in tip top shape.  This soft bristled little brush can be the inspiration of a little in house maintenance.  Check out these fashionable uses for an old toothbrush:


1.  Use a soft bristled toothbrush to brush your eyebrows or eyelashes, to enhance your eyes.


2.  Use as an applicator for dye or to touch up your roots.



3.  Use to exfoliate those dry lips.



4.  Dry brush elbows and knees.


5.  Dip in soapy water to clean dirt from under nails.



6.  Use to clean combs, sharpeners & tweezers.



7.  Use as a tool along with a spot remover to take the stain out of clothing.



8.  Use a dampened toothbrush to clean jewelry.



9. Use to remove mud from the tread of shoes.



10. Use a toothbrush to remove the dust from the lint catch of your hair dryer.







** How do you use an old tooth brush?  We want to know…..Leave a comment





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