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3 Simple Ways To Add A Tea Length Skirt To Your Daily Wardrobe

3 simple ways to add a Tea Length skirt to your daily wardrobe

The Tea length skirt is  forever chic and one of my favorite 2014 spring fashion trends.  A Tea length is a fashion term used to describe a mid-length skirt hem that hits at the calf or shin. The tea length skirt is slightly flared with a narrow waist . The tea length skirt is a simple way to add a little glamour and femininity to your everyday look.  Here are 3 simple ways to add a Tea Length skirt to your daily wardrobe:


1. This is the time to work a sassy crop top or sweater, this will create a slimmer elongated waistline

Tracey Evelyn Personal Shopper 2014 Trend 2



2.  Headed to the office? A tea length skirt with a cropped blazer adds a little sophistication and chicness. Don’t forget the heels. You don’t want to look frumpy.

Tracey Evelyn Personal Shopper 2014 Trend



3.  Transform that daytime look to evening by slipping into a cropped leather jacket  or a biker jacket with your tea length skirt.

Tracey Evelyn Image Consultant 2014 Trend


** How are you going to wear your Tea length this year?  We want to know, leave a comment:


The Shift It's Simply Chic

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Twiggy in an iconic 60s shift dress




The shift dress has become a timeless silhouette.  A shift dress is a simple above the knee dress. This dress hangs loose from the shoulders with very little or no definition in the waist, cut straight or with a narrow A-line, thus   making it flattering for most body types.  Just add a belt to denote an hour glass silhouette.  This dress can be adapted to wear in any season. The simplicity of the shift dress makes it a very versatile piece, lending itself to a variety of accessories, embellishments and fabrics. The shift dress is a universally flattering and forgiving garment.  Every women should own a shift dress…..it’s so simple and chic.



The Shift 





The Shift 





The Shift 



The Shift 





How do you wear your shift dress?  We wanna know….be sure to leave a comment.
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