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How To Make Your Own Simply Chic Ripped Jeans


There is something special about a pair of ripped jeans.  Each pair tells it’s own story.  They are kinda is like wearing artwork and who wouldn’t want their own Picasso.  When they are visibly aged and worn but still functional then they truly are exceptionally chic.  Ripped jeans are super cool and never go out of fashion.  Learning to make your own ripped jeans is so incredibly  simple and fashionable. By making your own you have control over where the rips will be. Yes, they add a chicness to just about any outfit. Let me give you a heads up, once you get started you may become addicted.
Here is what you need:
Start off with a pair of old jeans

Scissors or a seam ripper



Safety or Straight pins
* Be sure to have all your supplies at your fingertips:


1. Put the jeans on walk around, bend and sit in a chair so that you know that the holes will be exactly where you want them. Be sure to take advantage of  your full length mirror.


2. Use the chalk to mark where you want the rips to be.


3. Use your scissors to make small slits then use your hands to rip them as marked. The hand ripping will give a more natural look.


4. Use a straight pin or safety pin to pull a couple of threads apart until you are able to pull the vertical threads with tweezers.


5. Use a tweezer to fray the threads.

** How do you rip your jeans?  We want to know….Leave a comment:



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Refashioned And On Trend

Tracey Evelyn DO It Yourself

 Refashioned And On Trend


Ok so both sustainability and fashion are both important to me so I decided to kill one bird with two stones.  Well not really kill a bird but, you know what I mean.  I decided to turn an old garment into a new garment. So, I put my designer’s hat on and off to the races I went.  It was pretty easy.  So, here’s how I refashioned a pair of old jeans:

*  I Used a pair of my most comfy skinny jeans as a pattern.

*  I cut the inside seam to reshaped the old jeans(bell bottoms) into a skinner leg, leaving a  5/8 seam allowance.


old jeans

*  I measured two rectangular pieces of the floral or contrasting fabric, cut and zig zag stitched the contrasting fabric to the jeans.

*  I  stitched the open seams(inside seams).

*  Pressed open the new seams and Wha La!

I love my new jeans!  Floral prints are on trend and based on your body type skinny jeans can be chic!

How do you refashion? We would love to know…….Leave a comment:
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