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3 Ways To Layer A Sweater

Tracey Evelyn 3 ways to layer a sweater

Whether it is a cable knit, fisherman or a crewneck sweater, layering is all the rage!   A sweater covers the grounds for any occasion keeping you both warm and stylish.  Who wants to lug around a heavy coat? I don’t want to be cold either.  Being cold just throws your A game out the window.  With temperatures fluctuating and such unpredictable weather, sweaters have become the new go to piece. It’s a seasonal must have that you can wear without having to sacrifice your budget.  Here are 3 ways to layer a sweater:

1.  You can layer a sweater.


Layer your sweater over a plaid shirt don’t be afraid to pull up the collar.   Go for the oversized sweater and a pair of skinny jeans.  Feeling a little sassy? Switch out the skinny’s for a pencil skirt.

Tracey Evelyn 3 ways to layer a sweater 1


2.  Accessorize a sweater!

Pair it with a scarf or wrap it in place of a scarf. Be sure to wear a scarf in the same color family. If you get warm or not ready to put on your sweater just tie it around your waist. Add a little edge by completing the look with a biker jacket.

Tracey Evelyn 3 ways to layer a sweater 2

3.  Make it a statement piece!


Go for it, make it the piece that people notice first about your outfit. Be sure to layer it over top or of the same color family. That way you are sure your sweater gets the recognition it deserves.

Tracey Evelyn 3 ways to layer a sweater 3




** Layering shouldn’t be bulky. Be sure that the bottom layer is fitted and skims the body.
* How do you layer a sweater? We want to know……Leave a comment:


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