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Meet Tracey Evelyn

Helping busy women to show up for themselves and let their wardrobe do the heavy lifting

“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself ”- Coco Chanel

Tracey Evelyn is a seasoned wardrobe stylist with a unique journey that weaves through the realms of day spa ownership and costume design. With over seven years at the helm of a luxurious day spa, Tracey honed a keen understanding of personal aesthetics, appreciating the intricate balance between inner well-being and outward presentation.

Having also worked as a costume designer, Tracey brings a creative flair to the world of fashion. The experience has instilled a deep appreciation for the transformative power of clothing in shaping one’s identity. Recognizing the challenges faced by clients navigating busy lifestyles, Tracey discovered a calling to help individuals effortlessly exude style and confidence in every aspect of their lives.

With a rich background in fostering both inner and outer beauty, Tracey is not just a wardrobe stylist but a lifestyle architect, dedicated to helping clients achieve a harmonious balance between self-expression and self-care. As a result of wanting to see her clients flourish Tracey Evelyn has created digital products such as ebooks, courses and a lifestyle clothing brand. Whether it’s a business meeting or a social event, Tracey ensures that looking put together is not just a goal but a stress-free and effortless reality for those who seek an elevated lifestyle.

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Welcome to the busy Girls Style Academy for the busy professional woman with very little time,where you will:​

Learn to overcome decision fatigue

Learn to curate a versatile wardrobe

Learn to experience increased productivity

Learn to look put together with very little effort

Learn to put together looks quickly without compromising on style

Learn to embrace your authenticity


Closet Harmony: A Stress Free Guide To Declutter Your Closet Using Only 20 Minutes A Week

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