Babe its time to invest in yourself
Upgrade Your STYLE
feel happy in your clothes,
feel happy in your life

Hi I 'm Tracey


“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself ”- Coco Chanel

I get the privilege to help women reinvent themselves, get oragnized, change the way they see themselves and attract success by refining their personal style.

If you want to take your career, image or personal life to the next level then your visual appearance should reflect the person you want to be. By all means, you should be authentic! I am here to help you feel good about the way you look, help you discover your unique look and increase your personal presence.  No need to feel intimidated. I am here to help you use your personal style to your advantage!

What they are saying


Welcome to the busy Girls Style Academy for the busy professional woman with very little time,where you will:​

Learn to live your best life

Learn to curate a versatile wardrobe

Learn to look put together with very little effort

Learn to put together looks quickly without compromising on style

Feel confident and look amazing


This busy girls guide to declutter your effortlessly in 20 minutes or less so that you have more time for yourself each day


Learn how to create a versatile wardrobe, exponentially impact and improve your lifestyle.

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