Are you ready to take your personal style to the next level? Is wardrobe and imaging important to you?  In this day of real time media and non-stop focus, would it make sense to you to have an easy to manage wardrobe that truly reflects who you are and where your values are supported? Whether today means going on a photo shoot, engaging a client, gathering the children or appearing on stage, Tracy Evelyn’s goal is to create a visual branding that is supportive of the beauty of who you are in a unique and empowering way.

Tracey works with individuals and companies to support their personal visual branding.  How often do people evaluate your abilities and professionalism based on outward appearances before relationships can be established?  Do you to assure that your preparation is not offset by an untoward appearance? Do you need your wardrobe to simply function effectively in a fun, meaningful way? Whether your life is busy as a mom and professional, currently engaged as a single professional, or you simply love fashion, Tracey enjoys working with clients who desire to visually brand their essence and for that branding to be a supportive reflection of their abilities and passion.

Tracey Evelyn, Inc is adept at creating just the right combinations for her clients ease in every situation. Whether they are facing MSNBC, runways, or simply the crowd at PTA, Tracey’s clients rave about their simplified existence and meaningful momentum as she aligns their purpose to their position and the looks to support them!


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