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8 Reasons You Should Have A White T-Shirt In Your Wardrobe

Tracey Evelyn Fashion J Crew

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Do you need a reason too have a white T-shirt in your wardrobe?  With trends constantly changing your wardrobe staples should consist of pieces that are constant and never grow dated.  The white T-shirt never seems to go out of style.  The basic, form-fitting tee can be dressed up or down. Pair the white T-shirt with a pencil skirt, a blazer or your favorite jeans.   Remember the “Fonz”, from the classic 1970 hit sitcom “Happy Days”, he always wore a white tee, as a matter of fact he made it cool!    Then you have  celebrities such as Kanye West  who make wearing a white tee appear effortlessly fly.  Wearing the once known under garment is now staple garment and it can be sexy too.  Check these 8 reasons you should have a white tee in your wardrobe:


1.  It’s a classic.


Tracey Evelyn Fashion White T Shirt

2.  It’s a wardrobe staple.

3.  A white T-shirt is ideal to wear alone in warmer climates.

4.  Can be worn all year round ( looks great paired with a blazer or cardigan).


5.  The white T-shirt is both comfortable and functional (most white T’s are made of cotton or a cotton blend).


6.  You don’t have to worry about your style breaking the bank.  Yes! They can be very affordable. You get to decide how much you want to spend. (The price varies from $3.99 on up)


Tracey Evelyn Wardrobe Kanye West

                                               Kanye West

7.  A plain white T-shirt is an essential item (absolutely necessary; extremely important.) I t matches just about everything. Just my opinion.

8.  It’s so versatile ( It goes from the work day to the weekend.)
**  How you wear your white Tee ?   We want to know….Leave a comment:



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