10 Steps To Tackle A Cluttered Closet

10 steps to tackle a cluttered closet


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Do you ever find yourself just standing in your closet for 15-20 minutes trying to decide what to wear? If you are like me, then you hate to waste time.  Where there is disorder there is chaos.  Something as simple as de-cluttering your closet can save you a little time each day and help to add order to your life.  Go for it, getting your closet organized can be easier than you think! Tackle your cluttered closet in these simple steps:
1- First things first! Pull everything out of the closet  
2-  Label  four large containers or trash bags – Label : Trash, Charity, Keep and Alterations (make the decision to get rid of any unneeded items immediately)  
3-  It\’s bonding time!  Elicit the help of a friend.  Be sure to pick a friend who is not afraid to be honest and will tell you the truth  

4-  Have a full size mirror on deck so that you can try on items you are unsure about  
5-  Be sure that all of your hangers are uniform. When the hangers are the same it is easier to see what you have and it also creates more space. Toss the wire hangers- they just get tangled and cause a mess   
6- Hang items in an organized uniform manner – all shirts. skirts, pants, etc. Then by color  
7- No need to keep the plastic from the dry cleaners- you still can\’t see what\’s in the bag  
8-  Need something to do with the empty hangers-empty hangers can be hung the end of the rod that way they don\’t take up unnecessary space  
9-  Make use of empty wall and door space
10- Get creative here, use different types of closet organizational tools to help organize your accessories
** How do you de-clutter your closet?  We want to know……..Leave a comment:    
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