7 Helpful Tips To Keep Your Wardrobe Looking Fresh


Taking proper care and keeping your wardrobe looking fresh are just as important as determining what you will be wearing to work or that special event. Keeping your closet organized and your wardrobe looking fresh can save you time and money.  It is so convenient to reach into your closet, grab an outfit and go.  Let\’s not forget, looking sharp in a matter of minutes.  Here are seven helpful tips to keeping your wardrobe looking fresh:  
1. Uniform Hangers
 Uniform hangers keep your clothes at the same level,creates more space and it reduces visual clutter.  Try to use hangers with some sort of foam or grip  (stay away from wire hangers).
2.  Lint Roller
Quickly removes lint, dust, pet hair & dandruff from your work clothes so that you can look your best.  
3.  Shout Wipes
Shout Wipes are an instant stain treatment towelette that works on clothing to remove excess residue from the stained area.  

4.  Febreze
Fabric Refresher and odor eliminator.  
5. Sewing Kit
Try to get a sewing kit that has hem tape for needle-free repairs. Velcro (patches or strips with adhesive for temporary fixes!) These little extras will come in handy.  
6. Shoe Shine Kit
It has often been said that you can tell much about a person by looking at their shoes.  Keep leather shoes and articles looking new longer.  
7. Hand Held Steamer
It steams away wrinkles in less time than ironing. Safer on clothes.

** How do you keep your wardrobe looking fresh? We wan to know, leave a comment:

Tracey Evelyn is a Image and Fashion Consultant who helps women to learn to love what they see when they look into the mirror , understand their personal style and enhance their appearance through Wardrobe Styling, Makeup Artistry and Personal Shopping. Contact: Tracey@Traceyevelynbeautifulyou.com Twitter: @Traceyevelyninc Phone: 484-479-6730

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