How To Make Your Waist Appear Smaller


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Want to know how to make your waist appear smaller? Who doesn\’t want that hour glass silhouette? Yes, you can minimize  the appearance of your waistline with a few pieces you already own.   Check out these fashion tips that help your waist to appear thinner:
1.  Wear the proper underwear or shape-wear.
Shape-wear is a fabulous way to disguise your less perfect parts and create a gorgeous silhouette.  Your underwear and shape-wear should be comfortable, non noticeable, and smooth\’s where needed.  Shape-wear should target the areas of concern and provide body-shaping control that is both comfy and flattering.     

2.  Make it Pop!
Highlight the areas you love. Add detail and color where you want the attention , to take the attention away from your waistline.  For example: If you love your shoulders, wear garments that draw the attention upward. Wear ruching, lace, beading, gathers, ruffles or bright colors in the neckline or shoulders to draw the attention upward and enhance the appearance of the shoulders. These sorts of details provide a visual boost and help to make the highlighted area more visually appealing.



3.  Camouflage your problem areas

One of my favorite and more versatile pieces is the wrap dress and tops that wrap at the waist.   They  create a more  defined waistline, enhance the bust size and slims the waist.  Ruched Tops and dresses are  also amazing, the gathered detail gives style, makes the waist look slimmer and disguises imperfections. Try to go for quality here because these pieces will go along way. You will find yourself reaching for these pieces over and over again.

4.  Color blocking.
It\’s amazing how color placement can change your entire look. Go for side panels in black to create a waist slimming look. Dark colors make your heavy sections look small.  The black side panels detracts the waist and does the contouring for you.
5Belt it!
Adding a belt can change the look of an outfit.  Wearing a belt at the thinnest part of your waist or your true waistline will pull your waistline in and create an illusion of an hourglass silhouette.
6.  Be confident and Stand up straight
Body language can tell someone a lot about your mood and confidence level.   Standing up straight can not only improve your posture, it can help  you to appear taller, therefore make your waist appear thinner and help you to appear more confident.
**How do you make your waist appear smaller? We want to know….Leave a comment:
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