How To Wear A White Coat

You don\’t need to wait for someone else\’s approval. White is absolutely fabulous in the winter!  Wearing white in the winter is often thought of as out of as a faux pas but,when done properly you can stand out in a crowd.  Your coat is the first line of defense and the first thing people will see when you walk into a room.  Why not make a statement.   If you want to stand out this winter, incorporate a little white into your winter wardrobe.  Here are a few tips on how to wear a white coat:
1.  When it comes to wearing white in the winter, the fabric choices are important.  Be sure to differentiate summer from winter.  Pair your white coat with pieces that are seasonally appropriate like: denim, knits, leather, angora, tweed and wool.   Stay away from  your summery fabrics that just make you cold just looking at them.  Say bye to your:  linen, chiffon, light cotton and sheers.  Put your summer pieces away.
2.  Add texture- Add interest to your look with different texturesWinter fabrics are fantastic because there is such a wide variety of textures. Try pairing a plush leopard print sweater with a slim wool winter coat and skinny jeans. When put together properly winter fabrics can give off a polished and chic look.
3.  Go ahead make it pop….pair your white coat with garments of other colors. Monochromatic colors work great with an all white coat.   Provide the foundation with all one color……….let\’s say it\’s the color red.  The  white coat will be the accent, whala! You are looking sharp and well put together.



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