Stilettos! What\’s a Girl To Do?



 Stilettos, what\’s a girl to do?   Are they bad for your feet?


For most women, wearing stilettos tends to boost our confidence, helping us look and feel sexy.  By wearing high heels, you are forced to alter your posture. By doing this, your curves are emphasized.  High heels give a stylish look to the overall physical appearance of women.  Believe it or not there are some health benefits to wearing high heels such as increasing muscle use and giving women a better workout than walking in flats.  But there can be a downside to wearing high heels.   While wearing heels, our weight is redistributed, causing all our weight to be shifted on to the balls of our feet sometimes causing discomfort.  Some women find it difficult to walk in high heels, subjecting themselves to be of higher risk of a sprained ankle.   If this is the case, look for a thicker heel.  Try the shoes on and walk on more than one surface(ex. hardwood & carpet etc.)  Remember, insert\’s are your friend…..try cushioned inserts where you need them.  Be sure to choose your shoes wisely. If you are not sure how long you are going to be on your feet, be wise, bring a pair of fold-able flats, switch them out when necessary!

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