Transform A Pair Of Simple Flats Or Pumps In Seconds

                                  JanKuo Starfish Clip-on Earrings Transform a pair of simple flats or pumps in seconds   It’s so easy, transform a pair of simple flats or pumps in seconds.  Snap a pair of clip-on earrings onto a pair flats or pumps for an instant evening shoe. These now instant shoe clips will transform the look of […]

Colored Tights Or Hosiery Can Create Longer Looking Legs

Yes it is true! Matching the color of your tights or hosiery to your shoes creates a longer looking leg.  Be sure to wear the same color tights as shoes to create the longest line possible. This will allow the eye to travel all the way down the leg to the floor before stopping, which in […]

Stilettos! What’s a Girl To Do?

   Stilettos, what’s a girl to do?   Are they bad for your feet?   For most women, wearing stilettos tends to boost our confidence, helping us look and feel sexy.  By wearing high heels, you are forced to alter your posture. By doing this, your curves are emphasized.  High heels give a stylish look to […]