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4 Simple Steps to Better Shaped Eye Brows

Your eyebrows can change your entire look!

Did you know that having your eye brows shaped can make a dramatic difference in your appearance? Most eyebrows are not perfectly shaped and thin.  In fact, many are bushy, too straight or over plucked.

You cannot change the bone structure of the eyes, but why would you want to!  However, there are times when you may want to create a better balance and more attractive proportion to the face.  The eyebrows may seem like a trivial  facial feature but, it turns out that it’s true, the eyebrows the most expressive feature and they  really do frame your face. 

Delicately archedperfectly shaped eyebrows form a perfect frame for the eyes, opening them up and lending harmony and definition to the rest of the face.  Straggly, over-grown or sparse  eyebrows on the other hand, not only draw attention away from the eye but, also give the most carefully made-up face an unbalanced appearance. Ideally, the brows should be so perfect in shape that they are hardly noticed except as apart of the overall harmonious arrangement of the face. Of course the shape of the brow should fit the architecture of the face.  To get a desired or shaped look, it is best to use a pair of tweezers.  Try these 4 simple steps to better shaped eye brows:

**Using the base of your nose and a thin pencil, you can measure the brow for appropriate proportionate balance.

1.   Be sure to cleanse the brow area before shaping the brow.(an astringent  or alcohol will do)

2.   Hold the pencil straight up from the outer edge of the nasal flange to the inner corner of the eye (over the tear duct).  Where the pencil falls if the ideal place for the brow to begin. Put a dot here with a makeup pencil.

3.  Move the pencil to form a diagonal line between the base of the nose and the outer rim of the iris.  The iris is the colored portion of the eye. When the pencil is held at an angle from the nostril it is easier to see where the apex, or highest point of the brow should be. With a pencil, mark the height here.

4.  To find the appropriate end point, slide the pencil to the end of the brow bone. Place a dot where the end should be. The brow can be longer than this point but, never shorter. Be sure to measure both brows.

**  Use a sterile tweezer to gently pluck any stray hairs to get a clean shape!

The right brow shape can and will make a dramatic difference in the way you look and feel when you look into the mirror. Be sure to see a professional  Esthetician and Brow Stylist for best results!

**How do you care for your brows? Leave a comment, we wanna know! Leave a comment:


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