7 Easy Ways To Update Your Style

Whether you are running a small business, heading out with girls, or going on a hot date  you are sending a message about yourself.  The first time you meet someone they have formed an opinion about you in a matter of seven seconds based on your appearance alone.  With a few simple steps you can […]

6 Simple Steps To Healthy Skin

If you are like most folks, then you probably desire radiant looking skin. Healthy, glowing skin is the ideal form of beautiful skin.  Some of us are fortunate enough to have fantastic genes and have great looking skin. While some of us have to put a little work in to maintain a healthy glow.  We […]

5 Useful Last Minute Gift Ideas For Her

So many of you have been saying that it seems like time has just creeped up on us!  I feel the same way.  Now it’s crunch time and the job need’s to get done.   Rest assure, it’s not too late!  Most of what you need  is already at your finger tips.  With a click of a button you still […]

Gratitude Looks Good On You

While visiting family in Chicago I went to a church service.  I was completely  blown away by the message about gratitude.  I couldn’t help to think about how most of us want more out of life.   I immediately thought about how gratitude is a choice.  Wow! we can choose to be grateful.  It may take some […]

3 Guiltless Reasons To Eat Dark Chocolate

3 guiltless reasons to eat dark chocolate Dark chocolate has beauty benefits?  Not only does it taste good but it’s good for you. You really didn’t have to give me a reason to eat dark chocolate but, ok!  Dark chocolate has flavonoids which are a group of phytochemicals that have antioxidant qualities.  Antioxidants fight free […]