New York Fashion Week Is Not The Only Reason To Rock A HeadBand


Whether it\’s lace, metallic, ribbon or leather the headband has once again made a comeback.  Headbands are back in the spotlight!  One of the most wearable trends from New York fashion week to the streets is the headband.   I know what you are thinking \”But I am a grown up\”.  Headbands are another way to add personality and life to outfits that are otherwise simple.   They add a touch of romance with a little bit spice.  Here are 4 reasons to  rock a headband besides being seen on the streets during New York Fashion Week:


1.  Makes it easy to hide flyway\’s.


2.  Holds down bangs.


3.  It keeps the hair out of your face while the rest of your tresses flows.


4. They can be worn to dress up any hairdo, updates and changes the look of just about any hairstyle.




** Why do you rock a headband?  We want to know, leave a comment:


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