Tips For Dressing The Round Or Oval Body Shape



Tips For Dressing The Round Or Oval Body Shape


The round or oval body shape tends to be a heavier frame with a prominent tummy, you tend to carry more weight in your mid-section and therefore appear to be top heavy.  With this body shape be sure to take full advantage of and highlight your best features.  Go ahead, show off those great shaped legs!  Do you know your body shape? Here are some helpful tips for dressing the round or oval body shape:



Accentuate the positive (show off your best features) 


Do wear support under-garments


A good quality bra is a must

Show off your neck and arms


Look for detailing around the neckline to draw attention upward 


Wear body skimming tunics


Wear thick straps or a halter top style neckline


Empire waist top or dress


The sheath dress is your friend


Fitted pencil skirt that hits a tad below the knee


Wear straight legged pants


Wear straight and flat-fronted pants.


If you have great legs, show them!


Dark colored boot cut jeans


Do monochromatic colors


Do work with layers ex.(control top camisole under a long cardigan)


Emphasize the shoulders with shoulder pads and detailing at the top


A single button jacket that buttons below the breast is most flattering


A high heeled shoe will elongate the leg







Tuck in your tops


Wear horizontal stripes

Wear form fitted turtle necks


Clingy or bulky tops


Details at the waistline(we don\’t want to draw attention to the waistline)


Mid-rise jeans(the waist should fall just at the belly)


Avoid tapered or pleated pants


Do not wear skinny jeans

Avoid mini-skirts, this short fitted skirt will make you look top heavy


\"Tracey Empire Waist





Boot Cut Jeans




Color Blocked Sheath


How do you dress your round or oval body shape? We wanna know, leave a comment:


Tracey Evelyn is a Body Image and Fashion Consultant who helps women to learn to  love their bodies and reinvent themselves through Wardrobe Styling, Makeup Artistry and Personal Shopping.

Contact:     Twitter: @Traceyevelyninc Phone: 484-479-6730


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