Refashioned And On Trend

 Refashioned And On Trend   Ok so both sustainability and fashion are both important to me so I decided to kill one bird with two stones.  Well not really kill a bird but, you know what I mean.  I decided to turn an old garment into a new garment. So, I put my designer’s hat […]

6 Simple Steps To Packing A Suitcase Or Carryon Luggage

6 simple steps to packing a suitcase or carryon luggage  Rioni Designer Luggage Have you tried traveling with just a carryon? It’s so refreshing to not have to worry about waiting at baggage claim or wondering if my suitcase will make it.   Each time I fly the temperature on the plane seems to be dramatically different.  Some […]

Has Gloria Vanderbilt Retired Her Boots

Has Gloria Vanderbilt Retired Her Boots Socialite, artist and fashion designer Gloria Vanderbilt has probably long ago put her boots away.  But for some of us the weather just won’t permit it.   We are well into spring, now can I please put the boots away?  Don’t get me wrong, these boots have been great to work […]