6 Simple Steps To Packing A Suitcase Or Carryon Luggage

6 simple steps to packing a suitcase or carryon luggage


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Have you tried traveling with just a carryon? It\’s so refreshing to not have to worry about waiting at baggage claim or wondering if my suitcase will make it.   Each time I fly the temperature on the plane seems to be dramatically different.  Some flights are cool while others are hot, therefore it\’s smart to dress in layers.  Based on where I am going I usually carry a light jacket and wear a cardigan.  If you know me a scarf is a must….I keep one in my purse.  If you get too hot you can always stick your top layer in a smaller personal item bag(messenger, purse, tote or backpack).  Therefore you should consider both the flight and your final destination.  Here are 6 simple steps to packing suitcase or carryon luggage:


1-  Check the weather.

That way you know what your warmest outer layer should be. Remember you will be wearing your warmest outer layer on the plane.

2-  Have an itinerary.  

Know exactly what you will be doing from day to day and how you will get from point A to B.  Knowing your schedule will give you insight into the type of outer wear and shoes you need.

 3-  Put your accessory organizer on double duty.

Use your accessory organizer not only for jewelry but you can store your scarves, socks, bras and panties as well.

 4- Try to limit your footwear.

If possible try to wear your bulkiest or heaviest shoes on the plane.  All other shoes should go up against the walls of the suitcase in a shoe bag. You can also store small items like (socks & bras) inside of your shoes.

5–  Us the bundle or roll method. 

It\’s a toss up, some garments fit better in a suitcase using the rolled method while others work best using the bundled method. I tend to use them both.

 6-  Zip lock bags are your friend.

Use a zip lock bag for your travel size toiletries to prevent spills. You can also wrap your cords and chargers and store them in a zip lock bag, since the bag will slide you can fit them in the nooks and crannies of your suitcase.


**Tip: Carry size and restrictions may vary but on average the carry on bag size should measure no more than: 14\” x 9\” x 22\”

**How do you pack a suitcase? We want to know……….. leave a comment:

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