Refashioned And On Trend


 Refashioned And On Trend


Ok so both sustainability and fashion are both important to me so I decided to kill one bird with two stones.  Well not really kill a bird but, you know what I mean.  I decided to turn an old garment into a new garment. So, I put my designer’s hat on and off to the races I went.  It was pretty easy.  So, here\’s how I refashioned a pair of old jeans:

*  I Used a pair of my most comfy skinny jeans as a pattern.

*  I cut the inside seam to reshaped the old jeans(bell bottoms) into a skinner leg, leaving a  5/8 seam allowance.


old jeans

*  I measured two rectangular pieces of the floral or contrasting fabric, cut and zig zag stitched the contrasting fabric to the jeans.

*  I  stitched the open seams(inside seams).

*  Pressed open the new seams and Wha La!

I love my new jeans!  Floral prints are on trend and based on your body type skinny jeans can be chic!

How do you refashion? We would love to know…….Leave a comment:
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