3 Tips to Black Friday Shopping


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 Black friday shopping can be overwhelming and somewhat stressful .  But when planned properly it can be a lot of fun and you may gain a few new friends along the way.   Here are 3 tips to having a successful black friday:


1. Make a List


The deals are just too good to pass up.  Make a shopping list and stick to it.  Your newspaper will be your number one source to local Black Friday savings. While you are at it be sure to organize your day to maximize  your time and savings.   Some items you may need to stand in line in the wee hours of the morning and some you may able to take your chances on an pick-up later in the day.  Be sure to take the adds with you to confirm all discounts.



2. Be comfortable and have fun


Be mentally prepared for large crowds and long lines.  In between shopping and waiting in endless checkout lines, you want to make sure  you keep your energy levels up.  A healthy snack provides energy (trail mix,  energy bar,nuts etc).  Don\’t forget to stay hydrated with bottled water   Watch the weather and dress according to climate conditions in your area.  You may need to stand in lines outside.  Also, wear comfortable shoes.  There is nothing like screaming feet!  Since you are there, you may as well socialize with those around you in the line. It may be a good idea to build a comradely. You never know when you may need to step out of line to use to the restroom. It may be even more fun to bring a friend or family member.


3. Hire a shopper or shop online

A personal shopper can save you time, money  and stress. A good personal shopper is like a walking-talking encyclopedia on  all things unique, fashionable and luxurious.  They have inside knowledge on luxury  brands, keep abreast of whats fresh and current.   A personal shopper may be hired to offer their services in shopping  for shopping for gifts, gourmet food, furniture, jewelry, toys and just about  anything else that a client may need.  You can hire someone else to do it for you or if you have the time and the internet you can shop online from home.


Be sure to live stress free this  holiday season! Tracey

Tracey Evelyn Reed is a visual brand specialist with over 15 years experience in the beauty industry. As an accomplished wardrobe stylist and make-up artist, she’s also a licensed esthetician. Her company, Tracey Evelyn Beautiful You, provides customized skin-care programs, make-up lessons, eyelash extensions, wardrobe consulting and personal shopping services. Tracey specializes in helping women reinvent their style and take their look to the next level. www.traceyevelynbeautifulyou.com
Follow her on Twitter at @TraceyEvelyninc

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