5 Reasons Why You Should Wear Peep Toe Booties

5 Reasons why you should wear peep toe booties


Vince Camuto Klayton Boot


I used to think…… boots  or booties with the toes out?  Why would someone wear them? More recently booties have become the fall favorite Peep toe booties are all the rage this season and seem to  be a trend that adds a wardrobe wakeup. I love the look, there is something about the foot covered then, just a glimpse of the toes, they are oh so sassy!  Here are 5 reasons why one should own a pair a peeped toe booties:   

1.  A great way to transition your summer wardrobe into fall  and cooler weather

2.  Show off your fabulous pedicure

3.  They are sophisticated, stylish, super feminine and on trend

4.  Work great in warm weather, cool weather, dry weather and indoors

5.  They add more edge  and uniqueness to your footwear


** Tip: If you decide to wear hose with your open toe booties, be sure they are textured this will allow your toes to peep through while adding interest.

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