How to Dress the Inverted Triangle Body Shape

\"\"How to Dress the Inverted Triangle Body Shape


The inverted triangle tends to be the most athletic looking among the different body shapes.   Shoulders are wider than your hips, by a good couple of inches.   Your hips look straight given that your shoulders are broad and you have little to no waist definition.

The goal of dressing the inverted triangle body shape is to create the illusion of a hour glass figure by balancing out the wide top, minimising your shoulders and back, enhance your hips and highlight your legs.


Play down the top:


Tops should draw attention downward away from the shoulders.

V neck, wrap style and vertical lines in the bodice all draw attention downward.

Jackets should be narrow at the shoulders and widest at the hips.

Wear Tailored shirts and jackets.

Wear dark colored tops.

Vertical lines created with accessories will draw the attention downward

Monochromatic colors in draped styles will lengthen the body.


Play up the bottom:


Wear a belt, it will accent your waist                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 \"\"

Choose bottoms that enhance and flatter your lower body.

Strong visual details below the waist will draw the attention downward.

Wear pants with pockets and embellishment.

Wear wide leg or boot cut pants.

Wear a full or A-line skirt.

Wear horizontal lines on the bottom half.

Add volume with thicker fabrics on the bottom with fabrics like knit, wool or tweed.

Show off those great legs with a great pair of pumps.

Stay away from shoes with straps, they will shorten your legs.


How do you dress your inverted triangle shape? We wanna know….. send us a pic or leave a comment.


Tracey Evelyn is a Body Image and Fashion Consultant who helps women to learn to love their bodies and reinvent themselves through Wardrobe Styling, Makeup Artistry and Personal Shopping. Contact: Twitter: @Traceyevelyninc Phone: 484-479-6730

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