Is Your Skin Naked And Afraid

Is Your Skin Naked And Afraid


Are you using a facial cleansing brush?

The skin is the largest organ of the body and it happens to be the largest organ of elimination, therefore intentional skin care maintanence is key.  Cleansing of the face can be taken lightly and can often be overlooked as one of the most important steps in your skin care routine. A quality soft bristled facial brush is a great way to cleanse and massage without over sensitizing the face.  Here are 5 reasons to use a facial brush:
1.  Stimulates circulation and promotes good skin health.

2.  Enhances penetration of cleansers and moisturizers.


3.  Soft bristles to deep clean (and refresh) your face and neck


4. Can be used for daily cleansing.


5.  Helps to promote the sloughing off of dead skin cells.


The tools that are used for cleansing and exfoliation are constantly evolving.  Tailoring the right tool for your skin care need is essential…….. Read more:


**What do you use for your daily skin care regime? We want to know ….Leave a comment:

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