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Ok, I would like to think that I am not vain.  But, it does matter to me what I look like, no matter what I am doing.  You know what I\’m talking about!  It\’s time of year when everyone hits the gym.  It\’s always better to go au natural when working out, but some women still insist on getting gussied up before hitting the gym.

If you don\’t want to go out bare face to the gym, here are a few helpful tips to adopt to look good and feel more confident while working out:

*  Pull your hair back into a clean and simple ponytail, knot or braid.  Be sure to tame the fly aways. Try not use too much hair product, it seeps when you start to sweat.

*  Be sure to start with a clean face…. Use a cleanser specific to your skin type. Don\’t forget to tone and moisturize too!

*  Avoid foundation…..try a tinted moisturizer or a mineral powder. They will allow your skin to breath while supplying a little color for a healthy looking skin.

*  Curl your Lashes first then use a Waterproof mascara, it is a must have and will stay put through a strenuous workout! No time for mascara? Try semi-permanent eye lash extensions, they last for weeks  &  no-one will know their not yours.

*  Use a lip tinted lip balm or a lip stain to accentuate your lips, try to keep it natural…… just have fun and keep it light.

I do believe than when you look good you feel good! Feeling good can make you feel more motivated to work out.

Check out actress/singer  Adrienne Bailon  & celebrity fitness expert Jade Alexis  after the Living Jade video shoot for
Make-up by
Tracey Evelyn

Check out the  workout video on  – Workout with Adrienne and Jade in just 7 minutes! This exercise routine is perfect to do at home or in the gym! @LivingJade

Remember to love the skin you are in, Tracey Evelyn

Tracey Evelyn Reed is a visual brand specialist with over 15 years experience in the beauty industry. As an accomplished wardrobe stylist and make-up artist, she’s also a licensed esthetician.  Her company, Tracey Evelyn Beautiful You, provides customized skin-care programs, make-up lessons, eyelash extensions, wardrobe consulting and personal shopping services. Tracey specializes in helping women reinvent their style and take their look to the next level.  Follow her on Twitter at @TraceyEvelyninc


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