Simple Steps to Relieve Dry Lips

\"\" Simple Steps to Relieve Dry Lips


It\’s that time of the year when lips get really dry.  Our lips are consistently exposed to the environment and need a little extra love and care every now an then.


Here are few Simple steps to relieve dry lips:


1.  Exfoliate

Slough off those dead skin cells. mix equal amounts of olive oil and sugar until if forms a paste. Put the mixture on your lips and leave it for a minute. Rub very gently in a circular motion or  use a clean soft bristle or baby tooth brush and  gently rub in a circular motion.



2.  Treatment


Create and apply a lip mask for 5 to 10 minutes:

 Ingredients like Pure aloe vera gel or equal parts honey & equal parts olive oil mixed together or cucumber slices placed on lips are all ingredients with amazing soothing and healing properties


3.  Moisturize


Once your lips have been exfoliated and treated it is time to moisturize.  Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Vitamin E all  very affordable, pesticide free, moisturizing and any one of these makes a great natural moisturizer.  Do this more frequently in the winter when your lips are more prone to becoming  dry and chapped.



** Dehydration can also be a culprit of dry chapped lips, it is recommended that you drink a minimum of 8 glasses of water a day.


Try using a humidifier(s) in your home, your lips, hair, skin and nails will love you for it!


How do you treat dry chapped lips?  We wanna know leave a comment….


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5 thoughts on “Simple Steps to Relieve Dry Lips”

  1. This article is right on time! Often, over the counter lip glosses are more for fashion not treatment. No sense of my lips sparkling and shining if they are cracking! lol…I’m going to try your honey recipe.

  2. Interesting. I never thought about exfoliating my lips. LOL! I do notice that when I don’t drink enough water my lip peel. YUCK. It is even worst when I wear lipglass and don’t drink water. Thank you for these tips.

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