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5 Simple Steps To A Skincare Routine And Great Looking Skin

5 Simple steps to a skin care routine and great looking skin

5 simple steps to a skincare routine and great skin



It doesn’t matter how old you are the effects of a simple skin care routine can make a world of difference.  If you are like most of the adult world then you may be working, traveling or staying up late.  Perhaps you woke up and discovered that playing hard is starting to take a toll on your skin. But, do not fear the damage can be reversed.  Here are 5 simple steps to a skincare routine and great looking skin:  

1.  Think of your routine like brushing your teeth  


Cleanse, tone and moisturize two times a day. Cleanse with warm water using a cleanser specific to your skin type. Be sure to pat dry.  Use a cotton pad dampened with a facial toner to balance the PH of the skin. Choose a moisturizer that matches your particular skin type.  At different times of the year you may need to alter your products accordingly.
2.  Don’t think of it as an extra step
Use a quality soft bristled facial brush or exfoliating beads to exfoliate and massage without over sensitizing the face.  Exfoliation encourages the sloughing off of dead skin cells, stimulates circulation and promotes good skin health.  


3. Protect the skin


Daily use of products with a minimum of SPF 15, will help shield your skin from the damaging effects of the sun.  Look for a sunscreen with a UVA and UVB of at least 15.  That’s right, protect the skin from those harsh sun rays!  


4. Eat  and drink for healthy skin  


Drinking water will hydrate the skin and regulate body temperature.  Supplement your diet with foods rich in essential fatty acids, such as flax seed or salmon, to help fortify your skin.


5. Get your beauty rest
Getting adequate sleep is important to give the body and skin time to repair  and rejuvenate itself. Sleep helps to support a healthy immune system allowing us to repair and fight any irritations in the skin as well as heal unhealthy tissue. When you fall asleep your body goes into repair mode and regenerates the skin, blood, cells and muscles.




** How do you care for your skin?  We want to know, leave a comment…………

Tracey Evelyn is a Image and Fashion Consultant who helps women to learn to  love what they see when they look into the mirror , understand their personal style and enhance their appearance through Wardrobe Styling, Makeup Artistry and Personal Shopping. Contact: Tracey@Traceyevelynbeautifulyou.com     Twitter: @Traceyevelyninc Phone: 484-479-6730

PMD Is So Vogue

 PMD is so Vogue

Tracey Evelyn Personal Shopper PMD Microderm

              PMD Pro Microderm Skincare System
The PMD Microdermabrasion System so Vogue.! Great skin is in.  Aren’t we all interested in achieving flawless skin. PMD personal microderm is the vogue of at home skincare. You can exfoliate and stimulate the production of new skin cells in the comfort of your own home. Not only does the PMD microderm system slough off dead skin cells, it also helps skin care products to penetrate deeper into the skin. You can’t get any more vogue than that. Reason’s why PMD Microdermabrasion at home skin care system is so vogue:
1.  Stimulates the production of new skin cells. 
2.  Improves product penetration

3.  Minimizes hyperpigmentation  and  uneven skin tone.
4.  Signs of visible improvement within weeks.
5.  Firms and tones the skin.
6.  It’s cost effective. 
** Tip: Just by following the instructions and starting with the lower level disc you will get results. As always be sure to continue your spa visits with a licensed Esthetician.
* How do you care for you skin, we want to know…..Leave a comment


Tracey Evelyn is a Body Image and Fashion Consultant who helps women to learn to  love their bodies and reinvent themselves through Wardrobe Styling, Makeup Artistry and Personal Shopping.

Contact: Tracey@Traceyevelynbeautifulyou.com   Twitter: @Traceyevelyninc

Phone: 484-479-6730



4 Simple Steps To Slow Down The Signs Of Aging

Tracey Evelyn Virtual Shopper anti-aging-skin-products

4 Simple Steps To Slow Down The Signs Of Aging


It doesn’t matter who you are or whether you have a  professional career or stay at home mom the subject of anti-aging at some point in life becomes a topic of discussion for everyone.  Who doesn’t want look their best! When you look great you feel great and in return you exude more confidence.  There are both external and internal factors that can be played to slow down aging skin.  Yes, you can reboot your skin to look great, slow down or fix signs of aging.  Here are 4 simple steps to slow down the signs of aging:


1.  Cleanse, Tone and Moisturize daily.

You should use a cleanser formulated to treat your skin type. Be aware (creamy cleansers are best for dry skin & gel cleansers are best for oily skin).  Use a toner to balance the PH level of your skin and be sure your toner is alcohol free.  Moisturize! Moisturize! Moisturize! Hydrated skin is more resistant to aging.


2.  Sunblock, Sunblock and Sunblock
Wear sunscreen daily(use a minimum of SPF 15).  The most important thing that you can do for your skin is to protect it against UV rays.   Nothing ages skin faster than sun damage. SPF in your makeup is not enough.


3.  Exfoliate
Sloughing away dead skin cells makes the skin feel silkier and look brighter.  Using a resurfacing process that sloughs dead skin cells will diminish signs of aging, encouraging a smoother younger looking skin, so that the moisturizers and anti-agers you use afterward will be more effective.


4.  Healthier Eating. 
Have you  heard it said that you are the food that you eat!  According to Dr. Perricone, you can decrease the signs of aging by eating an anti-inflammatory diet, fresh fruits , vegetables and cold water fish. Be sure to stay away from sugar and starch they raise the blood sugar level which could lead to inflammation in the skin, which could lead to wrinkles.  The rule of thumb is:  More of what is good and less of what is not.


How do you slow down the signs of aging?  We want to know, leave a comment:

Tracey Evelyn is an image consultant, wardrobe stylist and beauty expert that helps emerging women to reinvent themselves and to help them make a statement without saying a word.


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