1 Pair Of Pants 2 Looks

Have you ever needed to take a weekend trip but, you need to pack as light as possible?  Yes, you really can pack lightly…… It also helps you to feel more organized.  Check it out, two looks where created with one pair of pants:   – The long turtleneck made it easy to not have to carry […]

Tips For Dressing The Round Or Oval Body Shape

. Tips For Dressing The Round Or Oval Body Shape   The round or oval body shape tends to be a heavier frame with a prominent tummy, you tend to carry more weight in your mid-section and therefore appear to be top heavy.  With this body shape be sure to take full advantage of and highlight […]

It's Time To Overcome Doubt And Create Your Own Sizzle!

Ladies, have you heard about the dynamic empowerment event “Create Your Own Sizzle”?  Create your own sizzle is designed to inspire women and girls of all ages to overcome self doubt and insecurities that keep women from going after their dreams.  Learning to cultivate healthy choices and smart habits will help us to feel empowered to lead a balanced and fulfilled life.  Cheryl […]

Be Empowered And Create Your Own Sizzle With Cheryl Wood

Ok, so I looked up the definition of sizzle and this particular description of the word caught my attention immediately! Siz-zle – To seethe with indignation. As women with such busy lives and schedules we need to sometimes be reminded to invest in our own lives, our family’s and friends with indignation and authority!  The steps […]

Tracey Evelyn Goes Pink in Support of Breast Cancer Research

                                                                           Pink is the new Black!       Each year millions of women undergo treatments for breast cancer.  This deadly disease has claimed the life of far too many.  October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which is dedicated to making people aware of the dangers of breast cancer and what can be done to keep from giving […]