Think Out Of The Box With Culottes

Think out of the box with culottes……






Ok, so culottes can at first seem somewhat intimidating.  They are a fun wide leg pant that can compliment most body shapes.  I know they are a little different silhouette than we are used to, but they are not as unflattering as one would think.  Culottes come in a variety of fabrics such as denim, leather, wool and the list goes on.  The key to looking fabulous in the culottes is finding the length that is most flattering for your figure.  Culottes come in a variety of lengths so there is no excuse for not trying a pair.  If you are petite try a pair above the knee.  If you don\’t want to go short there are always the below the knee, mid calf or just above the ankle length options.  Work them with a pair of flats, heels, strappy\’s  or boots.  They can be worn for a casual look  (pair with flats or sneaks) or as a more formal look (paired with a pair of heels).  When worn right, they look super chic!



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