6 Tips To Avoid Over Plucked Eyebrows


6 Tips To Avoid Over Plucked Eyebrows


Nothing balances and enhances the face more than great looking eyebrows.  There are times when your eyebrows look perfect then are times when you look in the mirror and say \”Oops! I did it again!\” You over plucked! Here are 6 tips to help you avoid the over plucked brows:


1.  Start with a fresh clean skin.

2.  Before you tweeze, design the shape you want by lightly penciling in the brow.

3.  Brush the hair upwards ( use a brow brush or a clean toothbrush)

4.  Tweeze a singles horizontal row at a time( be sure to tweeze outside of the shape you created).

5.  Stop often to see how you are doing.

6.  Groom your brows with a brush and seal the hairs into place.


** Tip: For redness place a cool compress on the brow area for 1 to 2 minutes then calm  the skin with a balm or shea butter


** How do you avoid over plucking your brows? We want to know, leave a comment:


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