Wrap That Dress To Enhance Wide Hips, The Triangle Or Pear Body Shape


Wrap that dress to enhance wide hips, the triangle or pear body shape

If you understand what your body shape and proportions are and know a few style techniques,then you are on your way to looking your best.  Wrap around dresses are very flattering for wide hips, triangle or the pear shaped body type. 

  • Choose a wrap around dress that gathers at the waist and is form fitted over the bust and torso.
  • Try to choose a wrap around dress that has a flared skirt as well.
  • The wrap dress creates a more defined waistline, enhances the bust and slims the waist.
  • The wrap around dress (if worn properly) draws the attention away from the hips and enhances the upper body.  Be sure to wear the wrap around dress with a smile!

** How do you enhance your hips, triangle or pear shape? We want to know, leave a comment:


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